Design, Art Direction, Illustration


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Enough about me, let's talk about me.

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I'm Allison, a Chicago-born-and-bred graphic designer, art director and illustrator. A graduate of both the School of Visual Arts (BFA Illustration) and Columbia College Chicago (PBComm Graphic Design), I've spent time in Chicago and New York City as both a freelance and in-house designer and art director for clothing brands, non-profits, agencies, and small businesses alike. I love learning new things, collaborating, working hard and having as much fun as possible.

I'm always up for discussing a special project or exchanging ideas. Do you have something in mind? Email me. Resume is available upon request, or feel free to connect via LinkedIn.

Otherwise, I've been attempting to learn brush lettering despite being left-handed, Memphis patterns, planning my next international trip, decorating my apartment, reading and making zines, perfecting my instant ramen hack, and keeping my plants alive.


Questions? Want to work on something together?

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